Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dont Panic

So the Vikings traded for Randy Moss... Now everybody wants to panic, well don't because the packers still have a lot of positives. First we still have an elite quarterback who is "struggling" and is still playing above most quarterbacks in the league.  Rodgers expectations are way to high but he will finish off the year strong. Second we still have Greg Jennings Donald Driver Jermicheal Finley and other weapons on offense.  Third our defense did take a big hit losing Nick Barnett and safety is weak until Atari Bigby gets back but we still have Charles Woodson and Clay Matthews is an absolute beast. We need players to step up but it can be done. Last year the New Orleans Saints also had a lot of injuries. Remember the Packers always finish strong although usually it is with Ryan Grant running the ball good at the end of the year. We just gotta find ways to win because that's what champions do. The packers are 3-1 sitting on top the division with the Bears who we play again at the end of the year so don't panic just yet.

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